Bookings are not accepted from those under the legal age. Minors must always be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them.

The rental of a pitch or mobile home is for the use of the person making the booking and their companions. Transferring the booking to third parties is not allowed.

If special services are required, such as cots, bed-linen rental, fridge rental, these should be made at the time of booking as the availability of such services cannot always be guaranteed.

Bookings will always be confirmed in writing by email. The campsite will not be responsible for any information that has not been confirmed.

Cancellations must be communicated in writing in order for them to be accepted. You can cancel your booking in writing by email to oficina@riembau.com, specifying the name and surname of the person who made the booking and the booking reference number.

Bookings for groups of young people will not be accepted.


What is the address of the campsite?

Santiago Rusiñol, s/n – 17250 Platja d’Aro (Girona)

What are the GPS coordinates?

3º 2´ 48″ E / 41º 48´ 35″ N

How far is it from the beach?

1 km from Platja Gran in Platja d’Aro.
Due to its proximity, the majority of clients get there on foot or by bicycle. The beach is of coarse sand.

How far is it from the centre of Platja d’Aro?

1 km.

How far is it from the bus stop in Platja d’Aro?

1 km. http://compras.moventis.es/ca

How far is the nearest train station?

24 km from Caldes de Malavella train station. http://renfe.es

How far is it from Girona airport?

30 km. http://www.aena.es/es/aeropuerto-girona-costa-brava/index.html

How far is it from Barcelona airport?

116 km. http://www.aena.es/es/aeropuerto-barcelona/index.html


Is there a WiFi connection?

There is WiFi network coverage across nearly the whole of the campsite area. You can choose between Free WiFi, which offers a basic level of service (to read emails, check your account, etc.) or, if you require higher speeds in order to access higher demand services, you can increase the connection speed by buying a WiFi PREMIUM voucher from reception. At the reception, you will find various tariffs according to the length of time you wish to use the service: an hour, a day, a week, a month etc.


Our mobile homes are for 4 or 5 people, according to the model. Over-occupation is not allowed on any account.

At what time can I enter the mobile home on the day of arrival?

The arrival time for accommodation is 3 pm. However, you can come earlier and enjoy the campsite facilities even if your accommodation is not yet ready.

At what time do I have to leave the mobile home on the day of departure?

If you are staying in a mobile home, the departure time is 12 noon.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

During high season, the minimum stay length is 7 nights.

Do the mobile homes have bed linen?

No, providing sheets is the responsibility of the client.

Can bed-linen be rented for mobile homes?

Normally these are brought by the client, but we can provide this service. The price is from €7.00 per bed for the whole of the stay. We have sheets for single and double beds. The packs contain an under-sheet, an over-sheet and a pillow case.

What size are the beds in the accommodation?

Single beds are 70 x 180 cm according to the type of accommodation.
Double beds are 135 x 180 cm

Are towels provided in mobile home rentals?

No, clients should bring their own towels.

Are tea-towels provided in mobile homes?

No, clients should bring their own tea-towels.

Do I need to bring blankets?

No, there are duvets in the accommodation.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed either inside or outside the mobile homes.

What kitchen utensils are there?

Mobile home 4PAX invetory
Mobile home 4PAX LUX invetory
Mobile home 4PAX GAUDÍ invetory
Mobile home 5PAX PREMIUM invetory
Mobile home 5PAX LUX invetory

Can I hire an espresso coffee machine?

Yes, please contact reception who provide this service. The minimum rental period is 7 days from 10€ and a deposit must be paid before delivery. This deposit will be returned to you once the coffee machine has been returned.

Can I park my car next to the mobile home?

Yes, all accommodation includes an adjacent parking space.

Do the mobile homes have TV?

Yes, they all do.

Do the mobile homes have air-conditioning?

Yes, all our mobile homes are equipped with air-conditioners.

Are cots available for mobile homes?

Yes, this service has an additional cost from €7.00. We recommend you book them when you make your reservation as we only have a limited number.

Can we book adjoining mobile homes?

When you make a booking, the accommodation is confirmed but not the exact location nor whether they will be adjoining. If you would like adjoining units, please let us know. It will be noted and, wherever possible, we will provide accommodation next to, or as close as possible to, each other.


What is the maximum number of people allowed on a pitch?

As a maximum, there may be 6 people.
The pitches are for a single family unit and, therefore, only one tent or caravan is allowed per pitch if it relates to several families even though the total number of people does not exceed 6.

Is it necessary to make a booking to come with a tent or caravan?

At certain times it may not be necessary, but it is always advisable to do so.

Is it possible to book a specific pitch?

When a client books a pitch, it will be confirmed that a pitch will be available for them when they arrive, but not a specific pitch. Clients can choose when they arrive according to availability, which is when the position is determined.

What time can I check in on the day of arrival?

As soon as you arrive, once the campsite reception is open. In high season, from 8 am and in middle and low season, from 9 am.

What time do I have to leave the campsite on the day of departure?

If you have been staying on a pitch, you have until 9 pm to leave.

Is there a minimum length of stay for the pitches?

For pitches, there is a minimum stay of one night.

What is the rating of the electrical power to the pitches?

5A = 1.100W

Do the pitches have their own water supply?

No, there are fountains and standpipes distributed throughout the campsite, but the pitches do not have a direct water supply.

If I don’t need an electrical power connection or don’t have a car, is there a reduction in the price of the pitch?

No, the price of the pitch will be the same regardless of whether or not you use those services.

Can fridges be hired?

Yes, please contact reception who provide this service. The minimum rental period is 3 days and a deposit must be paid before delivery. This deposit will be returned to you once the fridge has been returned.


Are animals prohibited?

Yes, in all the facilities and mobile homes of the campsite. However, we do have a limited campsite area for clients who are accompanied by animals.
There is no charge for clients’ dogs to stay.


What rules must vehicles comply with?

Cars, once they come onto the campsite, must not exceed 10 Km/h. This speed limit applies to any other vehicle used within the complex such as bicycles, skates, skateboards etc.
Vehicles may be driven between the hours of 8 am and 11.30 pm.
Motorbikes of less than 250cc may not be driven on the complex.
There are various parking spaces for bicycles around the campsite. Thus they may not be left badly parked or left on the ground.
At night, both cars and bicycles must be driven with lights on.

How many cars are allowed per pitch?

1 car per pitch is allowed to enter the complex as long as they are parked within the pitch itself. If this is not the case, the campsite reserves the right to prohibit this vehicle from entering the campsite.
Equally, the campsite manager reserves the right to limit access if
the occupation of the pitch exceeds the standard (caravan + vehicle or tent + vehicle).

Do the access barriers to the campsite close? Up until what time can I enter the campsite in a car?

Yes, the access barriers are closed between 11.30 pm and 8 am and no cars are allowed to be driven on the campsite during these hours. You can enter the campsite on foot, leaving your car parked in the outside car park.


Do visitors, who come to see family of friends staying on the campsite, have to pay?

All visitors must register at the campsite reception. In low season, if the visit is for less than 2 hours, there is no charge; and in high season if the visit is less than 1 hour there is no charge.
If they stay for the day on the campsite, the charge will be per person, whether children or adults.


When is there entertainment?

There are entertainment activities on weekends in low season and every day during the Easter Holy Week and throughout July and August. We have a team of entertainers who are in charge of organising activities for children and adults during the day.
It is important to note that the entertainment service is not a child-minding service. Access to Club Rimbi may be denied to those families who use the service for this purpose. The parents or legal guardians of children are solely responsible for the safety of their children throughout the campsite complex.


At what time must everyone be quiet?

In order to respect the right of neighbouring guests to relax, the volume level of electronic equipment must be kept to reasonable level during the day.
The rules on silence at night apply from 12 midnight, without any exception whatsoever.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card with the exception of American Express. Traveller’s cheques are not accepted.

What is the campsite terrain like?

The campsite terrain is flat and shaded.

Can I have a barbecue at the campsite? Does the campsite have barbecues to rent?

Only gas or charcoal barbecues are allowed (firewood barbecues are totally forbidden). The campsite does not have any barbecues to rent and nor are there any common barbecue areas.

Is there a nightclub on the campsite?

The campsite does not have a nightclub within the complex in order to respect the night time quiet period which starts at midnight. But there are plenty of nightclubs and bars in Platja d’Aro.

Can I hire a bicycle at the campsite?

We do not have bicycles to rent. However, we will be happy to let you know about the nearest establishments to the campsite who can provide this service.

Can I book organised excursions at the campsite?

Yes, at reception we can reserve excursions through a local company which will pick you up in a coach directly from the campsite.